Get outta ya BOX

They say in Cross fit that this is your comfort zone…

And this is where they want you….

Well folks, I achieved that without crossfit.  It’s called Bodyflow.  It is a combination of Yoga and pilates.  I have never taken yoga.  I have always been quite skeptical to be honest, but I did it. And the funny thing is I did it with the Fiance :) .

If you could imagine ‘graceful’ me on one leg with my opposite leg behind me and my arms out like I’m performing an Olympic swam dive.. yea your welcome for that laugh!  And laugh I did… The whole time.  It was great!  I never thought trying to get into a “breathing in” as you touch your toes and “exhale” as you go to do downward dog and then to warrior 2.  CRAZY I tell you!  The thing is it was tough!  I felt good but not in the usual “yea I’m gonna hurt tomorrow” pain.  I plan on going back Tuesday and Thursday next week.

Something else that is great… I’m down 4lbs! WOOT WOOT!  This week I’ll be at the gym each day.  Right now the forecast is… Monday lift; Tuesday Bodyflow; Wednesday Zumba; Thursday body flow and Friday is as surprise (because I’m not sure yet!).

It is for certain that getting outta ya box can be uncomfortable.  Lately that is all I’ve been doing, is things that are out of my comfort zone, but it’s there that I’m finding the most rewards.

What are you doing that is outta yo box?

Night :)

Monday & all that jazz

Good morning sunshine! How are you today? Get rested from your crazy weekend? Already at work? Good… Now, what are you going to do different this week to improve yourself? Help you reach closer to your goals?


Since it is a new month I'm trying something new… writing out monthly goals. These goals will work together to reach my year goals. How many times do we make New Year's resolutions and then drop them? I know I have. The beautiful thing is we can try again with each new day. Ready to get started? With starting out full time on my own I wrote out monthly financial goals. I also wrote out physical (how many times a week I want to workout, how many pounds I would like to shed) and spiritual (ready a new devotional, new book, etc.)


Since the financial and spiritual goals are a bit personal lets chat about the weight issue… 10 lbs off and stay off till December. Vacation was good to me… so good to me it added some cushion :) And I dislike it very much. Its one thing to feel fat its another when you actually realize your clothes are fitting snug. Big dislike! To start this process I stumbled on a site called and it rocks. The gal on their is a babe and is ripped. Their workouts are done all at home and you don't need equipment! I started yesterday with 100 swings, 15 crunches, 15 bicycles. I even took some gross before pictures so I can post those at the end when I'm rockin' the hard bod! Food is a major issue for me. I love it. It loves me… end of story. And let's face it, eating heathy can be a bit expensive, but necessary! I started today with writing out what I will have for today, tracking it in myfitness pal app all before I ran a mile. Which wasn't that bad!! After tweaking my ankle on vacay I have been keeping off it (translation, only wore heels once…).


The hardest part in all of this for me is that I'm impatient! I expect results yesterday and when they haven't happened I get frustrated. I know these things don't happen over night, but that doesn't mean I aggree with it! :)

Alright kids, time for me to head to work! Here is to a fab week!

Kisses, Jen :)


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