Sunday Funday?

Seriously?  Who came up with that?  And exactly what does it mean?  My Sunday consisted of church, some pre-shark week action, cleaning and work.  Sounds fun right? Funday? Maybe a little.  It feels good to be productive today.  As much as I wanted to watch episode after episode of shark attacks I enjoyed getting a chunk (ha ha… shark.. chunk… ha!) of work done.  I even managed to get some baby invitations out for a friend.

As many showers as I have thrown… I look forward to a baby shower of my own.  Of course in my (previous) dream world, I wanted a couple of kids and happy marriage by now.  BUT that wasn’t in the big guy upstairs plan… at least yet :).  I’m still hopeful to have some screaming kids and snotty noises to wipe :)

Whoa… sorry BF if you are reading this… don’t get freaked out :)

This week I’m determined to pay someone to move all my stuff for me.  Wouldn’t that be fabulous?  I have moved 18 times since 2004.  18!  That is ridiculous and I hate bothering my lil group of friends to help.  I’m really praying that I can get some movers for cheap… Any suggestions?

OHHHHHHh I can’t believe I forgot :)  This weekend I got to celebrate my 27th birthday!  {Oh you forgot?  No worries, I like starbucks gift cards…} It was a Kuh-razy time with some close friends.

Stylin’ & profilin’ for my birthday dinner :)

The Most Handsome Date :)

One of my BFF’s


It really was a fab time.  27 is really destined to be a fabulous year!  I couldn’t be happier!  Yea the whole work thing is kinda crazy, but sheesh I get to work for myself… how bad can be :)

Later gators…


Monday & all that jazz

Good morning sunshine! How are you today? Get rested from your crazy weekend? Already at work? Good… Now, what are you going to do different this week to improve yourself? Help you reach closer to your goals?


Since it is a new month I'm trying something new… writing out monthly goals. These goals will work together to reach my year goals. How many times do we make New Year's resolutions and then drop them? I know I have. The beautiful thing is we can try again with each new day. Ready to get started? With starting out full time on my own I wrote out monthly financial goals. I also wrote out physical (how many times a week I want to workout, how many pounds I would like to shed) and spiritual (ready a new devotional, new book, etc.)


Since the financial and spiritual goals are a bit personal lets chat about the weight issue… 10 lbs off and stay off till December. Vacation was good to me… so good to me it added some cushion :) And I dislike it very much. Its one thing to feel fat its another when you actually realize your clothes are fitting snug. Big dislike! To start this process I stumbled on a site called and it rocks. The gal on their is a babe and is ripped. Their workouts are done all at home and you don't need equipment! I started yesterday with 100 swings, 15 crunches, 15 bicycles. I even took some gross before pictures so I can post those at the end when I'm rockin' the hard bod! Food is a major issue for me. I love it. It loves me… end of story. And let's face it, eating heathy can be a bit expensive, but necessary! I started today with writing out what I will have for today, tracking it in myfitness pal app all before I ran a mile. Which wasn't that bad!! After tweaking my ankle on vacay I have been keeping off it (translation, only wore heels once…).


The hardest part in all of this for me is that I'm impatient! I expect results yesterday and when they haven't happened I get frustrated. I know these things don't happen over night, but that doesn't mean I aggree with it! :)

Alright kids, time for me to head to work! Here is to a fab week!

Kisses, Jen :)

So much trouble…

Yes, I’m going to get into soooo much trouble for writing this… See… I am supposed to be writing out a project plan/ estimated time/ thing and my wonderful BF who is super smart challenged me to do it. He would then help me put pricing and make it well realistic (for lack of a better term).  He said to have this done and email it to him before I go to bed.  Well… see… Facebook had a lot of stuff happening on it… and I planned a workout schedule… and my birthday is this week so I had to do some planning (yes you may send gifts. I like Starbucks, pink things and well you get the hint :) ) Now it is midnight and I’m not done.  I have church in the AM and I really wanted to get up early.  You know? To be on time… oh decisions decisions…

Another thought… I do this a lot “…”.  I wonder if that is bad?  Is that bad? Between these. . . I tend to think of the next thing to write about.  My mind tends to work this way… maybe because I’m hyper (a lil)… maybe it’s because I should really go to bed…


Wait, another thought! Nope it’s gone… better get busy… since I know I will be in trouble since he specifically said “no blogging till after its done” sheesh!  So demanding :)



Twas the night before…

Oh dear Lord is packing stressful. We head out tomorrow and will not be be back till the following Sunday. I’m not sure who is winning the “I packed the most” trophy because we both have piles of shorts, shirts and shoes… I think that is why we both get along so well… We are planners and we are packers! Always have to be prepared. But I struggle with looking cute and being comfy. My wonderful BF just had a ‘talk’ with me on this. Little did he know I was writing about it. {now I guess he does, since he tends to read this…}. This is the first vacation I’ve gone on with a male before for this long. Not even my ex-husband(s)… So I’m just wee bit nervous…. So far this week has been great! Just when I think we are about to hit a wall, fight, or get annoyed it just gets better. And he gets sweeter or there is something I find that I just love him more for…

Ok, enough of the mush stuff…

I’M GOING ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 days of sandy beach, water, swimsuits, sandals and sundress.. YES PLEASE! Then when you think it is going to be fabulous and couldn’t get any better we are coming through DC on our way home!!!! AHHHH! This girl is feeling pretty awesome right about now!

Work? Business?

Ok let’s be real… Some things have been suffering and I can’t help to think this is where it lacks… I spent a day working my biz plan. I couldn’t stand it as I wrote before. I feel as though I have been spinning my wheels. I’m reading a great biz book that I’ll be sharing more on later. We met with a WONDERFUL family and talked some biz since the hubby we talked to owns his own biz. He offered some intense insight. One word registered hard with me was confidence… more on that later… Today after I got back in from fishing I spent a bit on my site. That helped me feel productive… tomorrow I have a few ‘projects’ to knock out…

As I mentioned before I went fishing today with B’s dad. We had SO MUCH FUN! The little buggers bitting and we caught several… and your’s truly caught a bass. So many memories have already been made this week that are just priceless. I can’t wait what tomorrow will hold!

(once again I realize when I blog I tend to throw everything at you…. blogging more frequently will hopefully help with that…)

Night ;)

Over the Hump

Today is Wednesday right?  Hump day?  Well, by the time I post this blog it will be Thursday… AHHHHHH.  As much as I want to keep working till my eyeballs pop out I’m beat! “I’m not 25 any more” as my BF likes to say… {He He… I know he will smile at that…}.  Fact is, this week I’ve been trying to be a morning person.  I’m not, let’s face it.  I like working till early morning then sleeping in and doing it all over again… If I get up at 8 or 9 and start my day, it’s a beautiful thing.

Wait… stuff is happening behind my back… I turn and this is what is going on…

<3 him

Anyways, Day 3 of being my own boss and it still doesn’t seem real.  I’m out meeting with people and getting requests for projects but I’ve yet to sit and crank out work.  There are spreadsheets, systems and notes that I need to organize into something I can use.  Site to finish, promotion to work on and obviously goals to write.  Plus side, I do have business cards.  You can see my office floor and my office desk is peaking through the mounds…

Exciting news!  I’m moving and had a ‘planning’ meeting with the roomie today.  This should be interesting!!  Where did July go?  It’s mid-way through the month and I feel like we should be just now celebrating Independence Day.  I’m heading out of town this weekend. Then the following weekend starts vacation!  Ask me if I’ve packed? Does a to do/ to bring list count? No? Maybe? {AHHHHH, that stupid song, “call me… maybe”} I’m starting to feel that overwhelming urge to wait till Sunday and literally throw my entire summer wardrobe in my car…  breath…

After that minor meltdown I’m slowly checking out for the evening.  Could be the OD’ing on Twizzlers, could be I’m tired, could be Taco Bell sounds amazing right now and I’m considering going through the drive through, but I’m closing on this thought:

Take time to look back at where you came from and don’t forget it.  If it wasn’t through those trials that you had to overcome you wouldn’t be the person you are today. Thank God everyday for the people who have come through your life, and are present in it (the good, bad, and slightly off their rocker).  And Think Big!  Dreams do come true! :)

Nice job making it to Hump day!  It’s on the downward slide to Friday from here!


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