Intro.. New Series

Hi there!

Why don’t you grab another cup of joe… I did, and I went for the gusto…


Let’s talk shall we.  {Ok I’ll talk write as you read}.

We are getting closer to THEWEDDING DAY” and there are a few things that need to addressed. And how we do that is by breaking it up into a series. Why?  Because series can be fun and it’s easier to “blog out” that way.. (for all of you new bloggers it’s true and you’re welcome).

This series is called Pre-Wed and these are the topics you can look forward to…

  1. Budget
  2. Planning
  3. Saving Money
  4. A balancing act
  5. Now What?


Things have been pretty nutty around here and I am doing my best to adjust.  What better way to figure things out than to write about them?  Let me mention that when I say ‘nutty’ I mean LOTS OF CHANGE… normally I’m pretty good with change.  I enjoy it.  I embrace it.  But WHEN EVERYTHING takes on change it can be a little rocky.  Especially when traveling on uncharted waters.  So kick back and come back :) as we look at my life and all the changes I’m doing.

Over the Hump

Today is Wednesday right?  Hump day?  Well, by the time I post this blog it will be Thursday… AHHHHHH.  As much as I want to keep working till my eyeballs pop out I’m beat! “I’m not 25 any more” as my BF likes to say… {He He… I know he will smile at that…}.  Fact is, this week I’ve been trying to be a morning person.  I’m not, let’s face it.  I like working till early morning then sleeping in and doing it all over again… If I get up at 8 or 9 and start my day, it’s a beautiful thing.

Wait… stuff is happening behind my back… I turn and this is what is going on…

<3 him

Anyways, Day 3 of being my own boss and it still doesn’t seem real.  I’m out meeting with people and getting requests for projects but I’ve yet to sit and crank out work.  There are spreadsheets, systems and notes that I need to organize into something I can use.  Site to finish, promotion to work on and obviously goals to write.  Plus side, I do have business cards.  You can see my office floor and my office desk is peaking through the mounds…

Exciting news!  I’m moving and had a ‘planning’ meeting with the roomie today.  This should be interesting!!  Where did July go?  It’s mid-way through the month and I feel like we should be just now celebrating Independence Day.  I’m heading out of town this weekend. Then the following weekend starts vacation!  Ask me if I’ve packed? Does a to do/ to bring list count? No? Maybe? {AHHHHH, that stupid song, “call me… maybe”} I’m starting to feel that overwhelming urge to wait till Sunday and literally throw my entire summer wardrobe in my car…  breath…

After that minor meltdown I’m slowly checking out for the evening.  Could be the OD’ing on Twizzlers, could be I’m tired, could be Taco Bell sounds amazing right now and I’m considering going through the drive through, but I’m closing on this thought:

Take time to look back at where you came from and don’t forget it.  If it wasn’t through those trials that you had to overcome you wouldn’t be the person you are today. Thank God everyday for the people who have come through your life, and are present in it (the good, bad, and slightly off their rocker).  And Think Big!  Dreams do come true! :)

Nice job making it to Hump day!  It’s on the downward slide to Friday from here!


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