My New Life: No Complaining Here

As if I needed to get a life?  {I don’t know, that sounded better in my head}.  Anyways, as I fail on the opening line of today’s blog post… I’ve been playing ‘house wife’ all morning.  It is crazy how a year has changed things and my perspective.  Things that I would think, “Yeah, right!  I won’t be settling down like that again”.  And now, “I can’t wait for my husband to get home”.  HA!  Crazy still to me too!  ”My husband” :).

The problem: I can’t seem to do it all.  I know, it happens to the best of us.  I want so badly to wrap up these big projects from work, write my business plan, do my taxes, start home projects {like clean out the basement and reorganize so I can get all the awesome gifts from the wedding put away}, keep up on the house/ laundry and do all the above before B comes home so I can cook dinner.  Every time I set out to accomplish the above something takes longer than I expect and I get frustrated for not being able to cross off all my ‘to do’s’.

Does anyone else feel this?  Or is this the ‘adjustment period’ I keep hearing about?  I’m thankful that my husband is willing to help out.  That truly helps.  Ultimately this is not a blog to rant, just a minor confession of how reality is setting in.  And at the end of the day this new life out in PA is a pretty sweet deal… the job, the house, and the dog ;).  I’m so proud of my husband for what he has accomplished. {WARNING: CHEESY COMMENT COMING} I’m in awe of him, pretty much every day, for who he is, what he has done and what he is doing.

Ok, enough mushy stuff.  Time to work!  Later gators :)

Post Wedding Details

Yup!! We made it!  Brian and I were married Saturday, March 2nd at 5pm.  The ceremony rocked!  The pictures that were posted as of now are great!! I can not wait to share them with you!

Here is a preview… bjwedding3



More to come and more to the new life of this married woman!  :)


No Shame Here




The one that has been reading my blog… secretively following along as I struggle to write consistently…




That is all.  I know you are out there.  Just do me favor and click on that little gold star….

See I don’t use blogger so no Google buddy or connect here.  Just lots of fun other stuff.

That is all for tonight kids…. just a shameless plug in on show your my blog lovin support :) 


* Apologies *

Yikes!  It has been 8 days since my last post!  I am SO sorry!  Last week I spent an amazing time in Duck, NC.  Nothing but sandy beaches and the luv of my life next to me.  It really was amazing!  Saturday we stayed over in Washington, D.C. …. Another AMAZING experience!  I have so many pictures and so much to discuss but now I’m getting caught up.  There is so much to do this week!  And so much planning to be done!  I’ll start with this little pic…..

5:30am and waiting on the sunrise in Duck, NC

And a list of things to come:

1. I’m rolling out a new look for this here blog…

2. I’m going Viral!!

3. I’m moving… EEK!

4. Tons and Tons of pictures!

5. Daily posts!


That is right we are taking this thing to the next level so stick around :)

Late night thoughts

Intriguing title eh? As the BF and I discuss plans for vacation and what to pack (in particular what I am responsible for picking up tomorrow) I can’t help think of my dear *friend *Sally. (*Changed her name so she won’t get mad at me for writing this).

See, she is one of those women that will drive you crazy. She is set in her ways, slightly stubborn and can be hard to fight with. But that is it. Even those few things you love her dearly. She will stand beside you in a fire storm if you ask her. She will be your prayer warrior and I mean faithful prayer warrior. You can count on her. Even when she drives you crazy just 5 minutes ago she is there for you. And tonight my heart goes out to her.

*Sally has the tendency to try and make everyone around her happy, and comfortable. Yes you could say she is a people pleaser.. but in the sweetest way. Tonight is one of those nights she put her heart out there and got smashed just a lil. I know it will make her skin a lil tougher for the next time and maybe she will be a lil more guarded. But each time I hear of this happening I pray it doesn’t jade her. She is who she is because she is a beautiful creation from up above. She is a good mother, friend, sister, wife, daughter.. all the above. And I don’t think she gives herself enough credit. She has a huge heart, and when you have a huge heart you reach out to people. When you reach out to people you get hurt. I know this. I have felt those feelings. But Bible says “you owe no man but to love him”, so sometimes we are called to love on those that will hurt us and that is ok.

I’m not sure if she will read this but I do love her! She drives me crazy though… {had to make sure that last one was in there} :)

On to another note… VACATION!!! Ok, before that I had such a frustrating day! I do not like writing out plans and business models for myself!!! I MEAN DISLIKE VERY MUCH! I know why that is, the BF made a point to tell me… it doesn’t make me money or at least right now it doesn’t. I know it will one day come in handy and I am laying a good foundation for it… but I DISLIKE! If it had a DISLIKE button I would be repeatedly smashing it!!!!! So tomorrow I get to actually do fun stuff and Thursday I’ll be back to that boring stuff…

Vacation is just a few days away and I had so much fun picking up the food with others that will be there on the beach with us. I can not wait!

Well kids, that is all for now… NIGHT =)


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