2013 :: Best Year Ever in the Making

Don’t get me wrong, 2012 was great.  Really, REALLY, REALLY great!  

So lets recap shall we?

1. I started a new job after being with a nonprofit for over 5 years.

2. I adopted the best fur baby ever… Hank.

3.28.12 146

3. I met my future Husband.

4.23.12 018

4. I quit the job from #1 and went full time in my business

5. Vacationed to the Outer banks

2012-07-25 12.31.36

6. Visited Washington D.C.

2012-07-28 12.04.44

7. Was proposed to 

2012-08-30 20.58.45

8. I adopted the second best fur baby ever… Addison


9. Found my second home in Pennsylvania (because the Hoosier state will always be #1)

10. Celebrated New Year’s for the first time with my Luv and the last time as a single woman :)

2012-12-31 18.20.44

… ok #10 was a little cheesy but wanted to round it out to a full ten…

Seriously 2012 was fabulous! A lot of great things happened.  A lot of lessons learned {some harder than others} and a lot of memories made.  As I look at the New Year I can’t help but to feel like a little kid at Christmas.  I’m getting married :) .  I work for myself!  A new home!  And a new family! 

2013 was kicked off just right!  At home, with lots of food and a marathon of Friday Night Lights.  Have you seen this show?!?  Seriously can’t believe I missed out on this tv drama when it was on air.  LOVE IT!  {Clear eyes :: Full heart :: Can’t lose}.  

Oh and can’t forget it was spent with our fur babies… 

2012-12-31 18.24.19

Until tomorrow… hope you had a FABULOUS New Years ;) 

love Jen

TGIF – Day 1

That’s right it’s Friday!!! Starting off the weekend in which is the start of our vacation… Excuse me, I repeat VACATION :) Anyone else excited??? Oh OH pick me!!! Currently sitting in a hotel room. We have completed our first leg of the trip. Next up tomorrow we will be in the car 7-8 hours depending on how many detours I get us in. :) I keep tell him its adventure to date me… now he knows :)

Today was pretty hectic! Why is it when you get ready for vacation there is a million and one things to do? I was able to get us packed and ready (for the most part) by the time the BF got done with work. Even managed to get a few projects done myself. There will be pictures posted in the AM… currently working off the IPad and it only gives me before or after the content to post my pictures. That is just too boring for me… we got to jazz them up!

If I could only convince the BF that we need to go get some food. I finished up some spanish rice that was in the fridge while he finished off some muhea. Not sure what muhea is? OH it’s a real treat. His parents made it for us last night. I was the rookie trying muhea. It is an authentic Egyptian dish. It has chicken and rice and this green stuff in the broth that kinda looks like weed. But it isn’t. I asked. They said it’s not. But it was real good. The problem is with this dish is that it is really garlicky (side note: had no idea garlicky was an actual word! Amazing what you learn blogging! Ha!) SOOOOo right after you eat it when you burp ohhh it is a very distinguished garlicky smell. Guess who had left over muhea before we started on the road? Oh yea.. the BF… and WHEW did he reek of it. (Sorry hon, I must be truthful). Sooo did I mention I was hungry? Yup, about to bug the BF that we need cheese sticks… maybe taco bell… Have a great night ya’ll!!

Getting Started

It’s taken me about a month to get started with this blog and as you can see a long ways to go!  I should be working on homework, a few designs for a brochure and my business, but I’ve had this nagging thought in the back of my head… “blog”.  So I stopped reading my text book and got busy.

Now that I’m staring at my monitor, no words are forming!  So let’s talk about why I’m doing this little blog.  I love food, coffee and Jesus Christ, so naturally “Eat Love Pray and Coffee” was my first choice. Just so happens the domain was free!  I wanted to write about my life: victories, trials, things that make me happy, my experiences and so on.  But why is it when you sit down to write it just vanishes?

For now this is all.  But it is a start! :)



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