The “B” word

Seriously?  Get your head outta the gutter!  Not what you think it is but the other nasty B word…


Boooooo.  (that also begins in B).

Budgets are no fun.  They are absolutely necessary but they are no fun.  Budgets are not sexy and they require work.  So once again let’s all say “BOO” together.. “BOOOOO“.

I’ve currently been updating our wedding budget.  When doing a wedding budget try to ball park HIGH.  Do some research and get estimates.  Estimates are just that … estimates. So they might change.  Be ready to be flexible!  Our wedding is on the lines of “DIY” kinda style so we are trying to SHATTER our budget and come in WAY under.  {Obviously, you will have to check back post March 2nd to see those results…}.  Another pointer, try to list EVERYTHING.  I like to scan and the for ideas of what to include.  These sites are amazing for any bride!  But… if you are like me and need to just keep it simple (MUAH, get it?) Then excel is the way to go.  {Thank you B for pointing this out like a month ago, and then sweetly, but firmly reminding me that spreadsheets is the way to go… kisses…}

I created this pretty little spreadsheet here…


{Yes, these are the colors of the wedding.  

Yes, I have no idea what that fluffy thing is under my dress is called,

 so it will remain in the budget as the “fluffy thing”}


As you can see I’m adopting the KISS {keep it simple stupid} method to not only my business but my wedding planning.

As far as this week goes… where did this week go?  I’ve thought it was Thursday all day!  Ha, it’s Wednesday!  And guess what else? Had a fabulous day!  1:1 meetings, new clients and wrapping up old projects.  Now if I could only get on a “routine” that would be the icing on this girl’s cake!  Which by the way being just after midnight, cake sounds amazing!  And coffee… So before I end this, I have to apologize since I didn’t get to send this to my proofer… he is currently sleeping… please don’t judge my beautiful use of grammar if I royally screwed it up.  Ok? ok!

Goodnight! :)


1. 115 days until the wedding. (the knot says so)

2. Down 3 pounds.

3. My new office space is now de-cluttered and I can breath.

4. Officially getting plugged into the PA area for my biz and that folks is oh so exciting!

5. Working on this pretty little site.

6. My sister and her fam came to visit for the weekend and this lil guy got worn out!


7. Have I mentioned how much I love this guy?

8.  And I just connected with two lovely ladies for the ornament swap ( &

Yup that about sums up this week so far.  I’ve been at my computer since 7:30am and maybe will be here another 5 hours. Have a great night folks :)

Oh Beaches

Got your attention didn’t I?  :)


Well literally.. ready to go back to the beach.  Just look at this!

And This

And Maybe this…

That reminds me we haven’t talked about vacay of 2012… THREE WORDS… READ TO RETURN! It started a little rocky.  We had to attend a meeting for my fiance (which wasn’t bad at all! )  We were put up in a nice hotel, he went to his meeting, I worked… it was great!  THEN it happened.  We were suppose to be in the car only 6ish hours. That turned into 10 hours… LITERALLY!  This was the longest (at the time) BF and I had been stuck in a car with each other.  Get this!  We survived!  Other than a minor, “I’m done talking to you.. Goodnight!” by yours truly.  I know ladies don’t judge.  But we made it.

The first night was a rainy one!  We unloaded and then celebrated with the rest of the gang… here is our house…

It was great!  The stairs became a real beast after my little incident.. At some point during the first few days I sprained my ankle.  It wasn’t bad just a good tweak.  Good enough it was swollen and pretty shades of green.  Good thing Dr. Sak came to the rescue.

This pic was taken after I was gently forced against my will to lay down and prop it up… Stay tuned for our first “real fight”…



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