1. 115 days until the wedding. (the knot says so)

2. Down 3 pounds.

3. My new office space is now de-cluttered and I can breath.

4. Officially getting plugged into the PA area for my biz and that folks is oh so exciting!

5. Working on this pretty little site.

6. My sister and her fam came to visit for the weekend and this lil guy got worn out!


7. Have I mentioned how much I love this guy?

8.  And I just connected with two lovely ladies for the ornament swap ( &

Yup that about sums up this week so far.  I’ve been at my computer since 7:30am and maybe will be here another 5 hours. Have a great night folks :)

Twas the night before…

Oh dear Lord is packing stressful. We head out tomorrow and will not be be back till the following Sunday. I’m not sure who is winning the “I packed the most” trophy because we both have piles of shorts, shirts and shoes… I think that is why we both get along so well… We are planners and we are packers! Always have to be prepared. But I struggle with looking cute and being comfy. My wonderful BF just had a ‘talk’ with me on this. Little did he know I was writing about it. {now I guess he does, since he tends to read this…}. This is the first vacation I’ve gone on with a male before for this long. Not even my ex-husband(s)… So I’m just wee bit nervous…. So far this week has been great! Just when I think we are about to hit a wall, fight, or get annoyed it just gets better. And he gets sweeter or there is something I find that I just love him more for…

Ok, enough of the mush stuff…

I’M GOING ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 days of sandy beach, water, swimsuits, sandals and sundress.. YES PLEASE! Then when you think it is going to be fabulous and couldn’t get any better we are coming through DC on our way home!!!! AHHHH! This girl is feeling pretty awesome right about now!

Work? Business?

Ok let’s be real… Some things have been suffering and I can’t help to think this is where it lacks… I spent a day working my biz plan. I couldn’t stand it as I wrote before. I feel as though I have been spinning my wheels. I’m reading a great biz book that I’ll be sharing more on later. We met with a WONDERFUL family and talked some biz since the hubby we talked to owns his own biz. He offered some intense insight. One word registered hard with me was confidence… more on that later… Today after I got back in from fishing I spent a bit on my site. That helped me feel productive… tomorrow I have a few ‘projects’ to knock out…

As I mentioned before I went fishing today with B’s dad. We had SO MUCH FUN! The little buggers bitting and we caught several… and your’s truly caught a bass. So many memories have already been made this week that are just priceless. I can’t wait what tomorrow will hold!

(once again I realize when I blog I tend to throw everything at you…. blogging more frequently will hopefully help with that…)

Night ;)

Late night thoughts

Intriguing title eh? As the BF and I discuss plans for vacation and what to pack (in particular what I am responsible for picking up tomorrow) I can’t help think of my dear *friend *Sally. (*Changed her name so she won’t get mad at me for writing this).

See, she is one of those women that will drive you crazy. She is set in her ways, slightly stubborn and can be hard to fight with. But that is it. Even those few things you love her dearly. She will stand beside you in a fire storm if you ask her. She will be your prayer warrior and I mean faithful prayer warrior. You can count on her. Even when she drives you crazy just 5 minutes ago she is there for you. And tonight my heart goes out to her.

*Sally has the tendency to try and make everyone around her happy, and comfortable. Yes you could say she is a people pleaser.. but in the sweetest way. Tonight is one of those nights she put her heart out there and got smashed just a lil. I know it will make her skin a lil tougher for the next time and maybe she will be a lil more guarded. But each time I hear of this happening I pray it doesn’t jade her. She is who she is because she is a beautiful creation from up above. She is a good mother, friend, sister, wife, daughter.. all the above. And I don’t think she gives herself enough credit. She has a huge heart, and when you have a huge heart you reach out to people. When you reach out to people you get hurt. I know this. I have felt those feelings. But Bible says “you owe no man but to love him”, so sometimes we are called to love on those that will hurt us and that is ok.

I’m not sure if she will read this but I do love her! She drives me crazy though… {had to make sure that last one was in there} :)

On to another note… VACATION!!! Ok, before that I had such a frustrating day! I do not like writing out plans and business models for myself!!! I MEAN DISLIKE VERY MUCH! I know why that is, the BF made a point to tell me… it doesn’t make me money or at least right now it doesn’t. I know it will one day come in handy and I am laying a good foundation for it… but I DISLIKE! If it had a DISLIKE button I would be repeatedly smashing it!!!!! So tomorrow I get to actually do fun stuff and Thursday I’ll be back to that boring stuff…

Vacation is just a few days away and I had so much fun picking up the food with others that will be there on the beach with us. I can not wait!

Well kids, that is all for now… NIGHT =)

Picking up

It has come to my attention that I really am crazy.  No, really I am.  Yesterday, I was in such a funk.  All day I was on my couch.  I watched movies, ate sushi for lunch and pizza for dinner.  I briefly ran up to TJ Maxx Home goods to shop.  Even gave myself a $100s to throw away and walked out with nothing in my hands.  My apartment was disgusting.  And yet, I just ignored it.  Then had a major break down with the BF which I basically asked for space from him that day.

The conclusion of the matter: THAT IS NOT ME!  I don’t like being down and I can  not function when my little space is a mess.  It literally puts me in a fog.  I know I’m crazy… And second, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing with this whole relationship thing.  Praise God this man has some serious patience when it comes to me, because I don’t think we could survive the distance if he didn’t.

Today, I woke up still in that same funk.  I started in on some good therapy (cleaned my apartment) and halfway through I called up the BF and word vomited the rest of what was on my mind.  Then tanned and started getting myself organized for the week before I head to the office.  I def. wanted to get there earlier but I know I’ll have a better afternoon for taking care of me first.  As of now, as I’m writing this, feeling a million times more normal… well my normal… which who knows how to define that! lol.

I’m just thankful I’m not doing all this alone.  I try to be so self-sufficient and independent, but the truth is, I need to be close to God, I need that relationship to be stronger, I need to seek Him more.  Because the closer I get to Him the less frequent these freak outs happen.  And I’m thankful for the people He has placed in my life, right now… Fam, BF, friends, work, etc.

So… picking up where I left off and getting ready for work.  Here’s to a fabulous work week!


Wrapping up Recap

Now fast forward to May 2012…8 months later… In no particular order…

Work: After 5 wonderful years at a wonderful nonprofit I took a position at a banquet hall to oversee their marketing department.  Yup you guessed it!  My part time job became my full and my full time job became my part time.  I love it!  It takes work especially since I work a lot to balance but I do love it.

School:  This will probably more into a blog post very soon, but I’m currently not enrolled in any classes.  Focusing on my career for a hot minute…

Family: Since the divorce I’ve been able to reconnect with my fam.  I don’t spend nearly as much time with them but truly blessed for the support system they provide… not sure what I would do without them!

Church: Still attending The Creek!  Love it there.  Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for my faith I’d be in a loony bin somewhere rocking in the corner asking for my momma… God is good… all the time.

Dating scene: Well… I met someone… more on that later but let’s just say as my bulldozer he is my own therapy.  :)

Living situation: Still in my lil 2 bedroom apartment but I have a roomie now!  I’m a proud momma of a fluffy cat named Hank!  He actually runs the place now and lets me live here.  He is great.  (I can also see this being a blog post or maybe several #krazykatladyintraining)  Oh and no worries I’ve come a long way from just the futon and table!

As you can see things are good, actually better than I deserve.  I’m not where I need to be but I’m sure closer than I was yesterday!

By the way here is Hank!  (Yes there will be lots of pics posted of this handsome fella… you’ve been warned)

Peace out!! Love Jen & Hank :)


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