Intro.. New Series

Hi there!

Why don’t you grab another cup of joe… I did, and I went for the gusto…


Let’s talk shall we.  {Ok I’ll talk write as you read}.

We are getting closer to THEWEDDING DAY” and there are a few things that need to addressed. And how we do that is by breaking it up into a series. Why?  Because series can be fun and it’s easier to “blog out” that way.. (for all of you new bloggers it’s true and you’re welcome).

This series is called Pre-Wed and these are the topics you can look forward to…

  1. Budget
  2. Planning
  3. Saving Money
  4. A balancing act
  5. Now What?


Things have been pretty nutty around here and I am doing my best to adjust.  What better way to figure things out than to write about them?  Let me mention that when I say ‘nutty’ I mean LOTS OF CHANGE… normally I’m pretty good with change.  I enjoy it.  I embrace it.  But WHEN EVERYTHING takes on change it can be a little rocky.  Especially when traveling on uncharted waters.  So kick back and come back :) as we look at my life and all the changes I’m doing.

That just happened…

Started to make white choc/ caribou/ choc creamer goodness and realized the mug I was using was too small… switched it out mid stream and no mess… That. Just. Happened.

On to more important things… like how freaking excited I am that I’ll be on a beach soon.  Oh yes very soon :)

Wait just had an epiphany (HA! Got that spelling on the first try WOOT WOOT!) on the way back to the kitchen to get my coffee… I probably should learn to delay my posts about vacation till I get back from vacation… just in case of creepers… we don’t like creepers…

Second important thing, had a fabulous meeting today.  We ate Red Lobster (yes I know what you are thinking, I did in fact have the coconut crusted shrimp). We talked business. Caught up on life. Worked out new ideas on partnering.  It was grand! There is much to consider when launching a business.  And even for the ‘small stuff’ that has to be done that may seem tedious to me takes time.  I picked up a book called, “EntreLeadership” by Dave Ramsey through recommendation from a friend. I am almost finished with chapter one and my fav quote so far is, “Having children doesn’t make you a good parent, it means you had sex. That’s all.” He is referring to being put into a position like most managers are and then thinking you are a great leader for it.

Another quick insert… bouncing ideas off your BF is great when he has already tried and is successful at something you are trying to do.  Sometimes I can be a bit ‘lets try this by the seat of my cut off shorts’, and he is the logical, realistic thinker that says, ‘do it but…’.  Love it!  It’s also great when he tries to give constructive criticism and starts with “hon…” .  I just texted him back with “Can I pay you in kisses to be my proofreader then?” ;)  Yup, That. Just. Happened.

That’s all for now kids…

Yes, I’m Superwoman

I know sounds bizarre, but when your BF says “You are Superwoman” (we won’t mention that I texted him “Help!” then followed by “Tell me I’m superwoman and I will get all this done” and of course he obliged.. then I responded with “Thank u. It’s more believable when u say it” ) it’s actually believable…. I spent a fabulous day with my niece. I worked a while then played in the pool, lunch at the fair, then back here to work.  So of course that time spent was priceless.  Now it’s time to get busy…. and I literally just had a meltdown…. right there (you can’t see me, but I’m pointing to the spot).

Where do you start?  I’m starting with coffee… be right back.  Ok, I just came up with the greatest concoction EVER and I mean E.V.E.R.  First off I love my Keurig second, half hot chocolate, half medium roast Starbucks and then throw in some vanilla creamer and YUM!

Next I’m started with a few projects that are timeline… I still use Toodledo.  If you look back at one of my first blogs I tried it out.  Well, it’s working.  Especially when I have nights like this where I can sit and work nonstop.  It really helps me to work straight through on specific projects for different clients I work with.  It’s great!

Not to mention, did I say my BF is kinda amazing… well he is… be jealous! I don’t know about you but I like having him around and after almost 4 months he still finds me cute and amusing (yes I’m surprised too).  And yes this picture I’m leaving you with I actually sent it to him…

Peace out friends :)

P.S. It took me literally 4 tries to spell concoction.

P.S.S. Your welcome Starbucks, Toodledo and Keurig for the shout outs I do it because I love you!

P.P.S.S. Yes, I’ve edited this 4 times and this last one… going for another amazing hot chocolate/ Starbucks/ vanilla goodness…


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