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Hi there!

Why don’t you grab another cup of joe… I did, and I went for the gusto…


Let’s talk shall we.  {Ok I’ll talk write as you read}.

We are getting closer to THEWEDDING DAY” and there are a few things that need to addressed. And how we do that is by breaking it up into a series. Why?  Because series can be fun and it’s easier to “blog out” that way.. (for all of you new bloggers it’s true and you’re welcome).

This series is called Pre-Wed and these are the topics you can look forward to…

  1. Budget
  2. Planning
  3. Saving Money
  4. A balancing act
  5. Now What?


Things have been pretty nutty around here and I am doing my best to adjust.  What better way to figure things out than to write about them?  Let me mention that when I say ‘nutty’ I mean LOTS OF CHANGE… normally I’m pretty good with change.  I enjoy it.  I embrace it.  But WHEN EVERYTHING takes on change it can be a little rocky.  Especially when traveling on uncharted waters.  So kick back and come back :) as we look at my life and all the changes I’m doing.

Monday & all that jazz

Good morning sunshine! How are you today? Get rested from your crazy weekend? Already at work? Good… Now, what are you going to do different this week to improve yourself? Help you reach closer to your goals?


Since it is a new month I'm trying something new… writing out monthly goals. These goals will work together to reach my year goals. How many times do we make New Year's resolutions and then drop them? I know I have. The beautiful thing is we can try again with each new day. Ready to get started? With starting out full time on my own I wrote out monthly financial goals. I also wrote out physical (how many times a week I want to workout, how many pounds I would like to shed) and spiritual (ready a new devotional, new book, etc.)


Since the financial and spiritual goals are a bit personal lets chat about the weight issue… 10 lbs off and stay off till December. Vacation was good to me… so good to me it added some cushion :) And I dislike it very much. Its one thing to feel fat its another when you actually realize your clothes are fitting snug. Big dislike! To start this process I stumbled on a site called and it rocks. The gal on their is a babe and is ripped. Their workouts are done all at home and you don't need equipment! I started yesterday with 100 swings, 15 crunches, 15 bicycles. I even took some gross before pictures so I can post those at the end when I'm rockin' the hard bod! Food is a major issue for me. I love it. It loves me… end of story. And let's face it, eating heathy can be a bit expensive, but necessary! I started today with writing out what I will have for today, tracking it in myfitness pal app all before I ran a mile. Which wasn't that bad!! After tweaking my ankle on vacay I have been keeping off it (translation, only wore heels once…).


The hardest part in all of this for me is that I'm impatient! I expect results yesterday and when they haven't happened I get frustrated. I know these things don't happen over night, but that doesn't mean I aggree with it! :)

Alright kids, time for me to head to work! Here is to a fab week!

Kisses, Jen :)


Oh snap!
I did it.
Typed up a resignation letter.
Handed it to the boss.

As of Monday, June 11, 2012, I, Jen Raney, took the leap of faith, and quit my day job to follow a dream. A dream that is now a reality. After six months of trying to work full time, a part time job and my biz on the side, I had enough.  I can’t do it all.  And doing it all is not what makes me happy.  I have wanted to work for myself for such a long time, but had a huge fear of failing.  A fear of what others would think.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of 10 years down the road and regretting not trying won that fight.  Up until now, the last 5 or so years of my life I have spent fighting. Fighting for what I believe in, my happiness, and for what I ‘feel’ God had for me. What would make this any different? I’ll tell you… I’m putting 110% trust in the Lord that He will provide.  Yea, I trust God. Yea, I trusted Him in relationships and ‘stuff’, but I haven’t financially.  I tithe pretty consistently.  I give extra when I have it.  But I’ve been holding back.

There has been signs.
Confirmation from close friends, family and mentors.
Extra pushes from loved ones saying “you can do it”
I’m starting to come around.

Monday was so emotional.  I had an amazing weekend with amazing people.  Work was heavy on my mind.  I wanted to get back into the Marketing but due to circumstances it was a tough fight to keep that focus with added responsibility.  I had allowed myself to get emotionally attached there.  Its a great place. Beautiful place. Good people.  But something was missing. I’m still not sure what that something was or is, but it’s not there. And it is affecting me.  After a lot of soul searching, praying, talking, listening, crying, and pleading it was obvious what needed to be done.

Several years ago I had an idea. That idea turned into a project. Project turned into a client.  Client turned into a check and so on.  A close friend of me stated, “Jen, one day we are going to look back with awe of where God has brought you.” At that point in my life I was already amazed where He brought me from.  I wasn’t expecting this.

It’s happening.
Holy Crap I’m doing it.
Changes. And scared to death.

Change is good. I like change. It stretches you. Makes you tougher.  This change is insane!  I went through my budget making a list of things to cut out. Trying to balance out finishing out my ‘term’ before I officially am resigned and trying to get the biz going is overwhelming. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and I should be further along than I am.  Oh and then doubt sets in.  Can I really do this? Am I good enough? Will I be able learn and grow my skills? Can I make a living from this?

This is the part that is pretty neat…. since I’m struggling with believing in myself, God strategically put people in my life to be that extra nudge.  Family- my lil prayer warrior sister who drives me crazy but when I need her to lay aside our differences she steps up and be’s just what I need her to be.  My dad saying, ‘you know it, do what makes you happy. God will work it out’.  Mentor, “you have favor… so walk in it”.  Friends saying “why not?!”. A BF that says, “i believe in you and I’m for you” a God that is more powerful and all knowing.  And here am I…. kicking and screaming the whole way.  Well they win.  I’m not saying I don’t have doubts and in myself, but I’m going to give this all I got.  So stick around, because big things are ahead.  I do believe that.

P.S. Before I accepted what I was about to do and while I was out with the BF we went shopping!  Mind you, this is probably the last time I’m going to be able to spend like this… but I’m so excited!  If you know me I love Coach! So I picked up a new purse :) Also, due to limited funds and being on a budget I’m canceling my gym membership. Thankfully I bought this lil numbers!

I’ve ran two 5K’s so far this year and I’m signed up for at least one more.  The goal is to work toward a mini.  I rarely run outside though.  This is my motivation to change that. Apparently these are the best when it comes to running shoes.


I’ll keep you posted :)



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