Christmas :: Countdown :: Penn State?

Sheesh… once again I’ve fallen off the blogging bandwagon!  I follow several awesome bloggers and I’m amazed how they keep up with posting everyday?!  And they even seem like they have pretty awesome lives… so why can’t I keep up with it?  Let’s Count the ways (ok these sound like excuses… I get it…)

1. Christmas!!  I can’t remember the last time I was excited to decorate.  I spent an entire day putting up the tree, setting Santa’s out and putting lights on anything and everything I could twist them around :) .

While on the topic I got these lovely little ornaments in the mail from Jenn over at Squishy Cheeks and Cupcakes.  Not only does she rock for having my name but seriously anyone with “cupcakes” in their title has to be awesome!   Thanks Jenn for the ornaments.  :)


2. Countdown… 91 days…. about to be 90 in t-minus 13 minutes….  Need I say more?


3. Visited Penn State for my first Division 1 football game.  It was their Senior night and what a game it was!  It was absolutely FREEZING but so worth it!


4. Work work work.  Seriously how do these other bloggers do it?  Over at Living in Yellow, Erin just launched a consulting add-on to her site…. I might have to check into that since she totally rocks the bloggin’ community.

That’s it for now!  Night ya’ll! :)


Back in action w/a diamond ring

Oh snap… it happened.  That is right!  I fell off the map of the blogging world for good reasons.  I promise not to do it again. But seriously?  Can you blame me???


That is right.. This is me and my FIANCE the night he proposed (August 30, 2012).  Amazing night I must say… amazing! Isn’t he handsome!  Yup.. MINE!!  (No I wasn’t thinking, “Hey let’s put down my leftovers so we can take a nice pic…”)


Here is me now .

Don’t judge.  Been at my computer for 12 hours.  Yes that is correct 12 hours.  Hellloooo carpel tunnel + no makeup + lots of coffee = clear definition of hot mess.

So in conclusion:

1. I’m getting married in 5 months.  Hello wedding planning!

2. My biz is in full swing. YAY!!!

3. Working in two different states.  Yes, I sometimes sleep.

4. And my starbucks addiction has spiked to an ultimate high.  (considering intervention.. or at least my fiance is gonna take my starbucks card away).

There you have it folks.  My genuine excuse for falling off the blogging map.  But we are back!


:) Jen

2 weeks and nuggets

2 weeks from when I dropped my lil letter to the boss man and 2 weeks left of work for him.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Pardon me, I just had to get that out.  It has been amazing to see things fall into place like nuggets… God nuggets… more on that in a hot minute!

You would think this highly motivated and sometimes overly caffeinated person would have got SO MUCH done but oh no… she hasn’t!  Not to give any excuses but I have been working to train and wrap up projects at work and then the part time job and of course that BF thing that is oddly still amazing… :).  Ok, enough excuses!

So where does that leave us?  God nuggets… oh yea!  So the week I put my notice in, scheduled vacay and a week with a GF and her kids in FL and realized it’s coming up on a year in my apartment!  That means moving time and low and behold being a ‘self-employed’ it is harder to rent with out a paystub… Guess what?!  I have to give 60days notice… that means I have to make some quick decisions but praise God it is when I have a paystub!  Then another lil blessing falls right into my lap.. A new place to live with a roomie?!  More on that in another blog…

Back to the excuses… well I got back home today and got my lil self together and unpacked. Then been in front of this computer the rest of the evening.  I did however slip away for a quick run… like real quick.  I’m starting to fall out of shape and with vacation coming up well duh! Bathing suits and these lil love handles got to go! Well anyways as I’m running I’m huffing and puffing.  That is NO BUENO!  Especially with your BF can knock out 5 miles and still be all chipper.  Not fair!  So I run.

…..God nuggets I tell you!  Things are just lining up and I had no clue they needed aligning!

One last thing… this whole blogging thing.  Well it has to get better.  I have been flying ‘under the radar’ and not promoting myself.  It might be time to start social media’ing this thing up!  And it is def. time to start writing more!

Ok one last thing (for real this time)… had an amazing weekend with the BF and his fam.  Spent almost 10 hours in the car with him and his parents and my face hurt from laughing and smiling so much!  We made a pit stop on the way… can you guess where we are at?



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