1. 115 days until the wedding. (the knot says so)

2. Down 3 pounds.

3. My new office space is now de-cluttered and I can breath.

4. Officially getting plugged into the PA area for my biz and that folks is oh so exciting!

5. Working on this pretty little site.

6. My sister and her fam came to visit for the weekend and this lil guy got worn out!


7. Have I mentioned how much I love this guy?

8.  And I just connected with two lovely ladies for the ornament swap ( &

Yup that about sums up this week so far.  I’ve been at my computer since 7:30am and maybe will be here another 5 hours. Have a great night folks :)

Back in action w/a diamond ring

Oh snap… it happened.  That is right!  I fell off the map of the blogging world for good reasons.  I promise not to do it again. But seriously?  Can you blame me???


That is right.. This is me and my FIANCE the night he proposed (August 30, 2012).  Amazing night I must say… amazing! Isn’t he handsome!  Yup.. MINE!!  (No I wasn’t thinking, “Hey let’s put down my leftovers so we can take a nice pic…”)


Here is me now .

Don’t judge.  Been at my computer for 12 hours.  Yes that is correct 12 hours.  Hellloooo carpel tunnel + no makeup + lots of coffee = clear definition of hot mess.

So in conclusion:

1. I’m getting married in 5 months.  Hello wedding planning!

2. My biz is in full swing. YAY!!!

3. Working in two different states.  Yes, I sometimes sleep.

4. And my starbucks addiction has spiked to an ultimate high.  (considering intervention.. or at least my fiance is gonna take my starbucks card away).

There you have it folks.  My genuine excuse for falling off the blogging map.  But we are back!


:) Jen


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