Gym time #sweatinforthedress

No I’m not preggo… that is not a baby bump. That is my body saying “screw you” this is how you look with an extra 10 lbs (could be more but I refuse to get on the scale till morning).

Side note: I did eat my weight in deliciousness this night… AND my fiance is incredibly handsome :) Eat your heart out ladies! Ha!

128 days

That is all I have left to get this booty in shape! Let’s push pause shall we… What the heck Thank you for the realization that we ONLY have 128 days let... And we resume… Tonight it begins! Heading it out to join a gym! Then to get busy tracking food, upping water, all that jazz again.

Let’s talk shall we? Or actually you sit there and read. Why is it so stinking hard to lose the weight when it is so easy to gain it? Furthermore, why is it when you get happy in a relationship you put on the poundage?

There is food for thought for the night… now wish me luck while I go sweat at the gym.

Later gators…

Stubbornness is Not Always a Good Thing

You don’t mean to be.  You try really hard to give in.  But really?!  Do you have to fuss????


That is how it started.  Our first lil fight.  Sheesh.  Here is how it went down….


At some point early on in the week as I was frolicking in this beautiful scenery.  {When I say frolic… I mean it..}

Exhibit A. Crazy big waves.

When somehow I twisted my ankle.  It very well, could have been, when I attempted to use the boogie board to ride said waves into shore.  The BF yelled, “Hold the nose up” as I heard, “girggle girglee girggle”… I did not hold nose up.  I did however end up with my nose into the sandy beach.


OR… it could have been while we were walking the beach.  I have very weak ankles so who knows!


Anywhoooo.  I tried to be the ‘tough guy’ as you all know I am.  Did not mention any pain or the pretty colors forming up the inside of my ankle.  This went on for about 2 days when right as I was feeling a little better we went miniature golfing. Aren’t we cute on our a lil date night? :)

As we were enjoying some hard core golf.  As in, my BF kicking my booty and I started to complain about it :) When I decided walking through the rocks around the green is a good idea.  I lost my footing and rolled the hurt ankle.  I. NEARLY. CRIED.  Determined not to, I gently pulled my date to me and filled him in on my pain.

Oh boy…

I learned a very good lesson(s) within the next 24 hours.

A. There is no need to be the ‘tough guy’ in this relationship.  He is tough enough.

B. The BF can handle me.  (i.e. tell me to gently shut up and make me eat ice pops while my ankle is being iced.)

C. That I found someone who cares about me. And for me.

All in all.  It wasn’t really a nasty blow up.  It was just another turning point in our relationship. :)


Back to work… Jen


Ps. I sure did catch a great one :)

Mine :)

Fear this!

Fear of screwing up.

Fear of letting someone down.

Fear of losing a friend. 

Fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

Fear of what will happen.

Fear of failing. 




When did fear creep in?  When did I “Ok” it to take over me?  Well I’m over it!  This wasn’t me.  This IS NOT going to be me now.  I refuse to believe that this is ok.  Let’s face it, we all screw up, right?  We all will fail at some point or another.  So why worry??  Beats me!!  But I do!

I came across this verse that I hear so often but never took the time to look up. 2 Timothy chapter 1 verse 7, For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  There you have it folks… the good Book just confirmed it.

I have way too many things going on to be in a bondage by fear.  I keep coming back to this thought and I’m ready to act on it.  I have obviously hit bottom a few times in my 27 years.  Financially, in relationships, working… you name it.  Just read earlier posts.  I haven’t always got it right.  Shoot, very few times has it been right! :)  Writing this today I feel so consumed with His love I couldn’t help to share what I’ve been struggling with.

Whew… who feels better?  :)  oh oh pick me!


Twas the night before…

Oh dear Lord is packing stressful. We head out tomorrow and will not be be back till the following Sunday. I’m not sure who is winning the “I packed the most” trophy because we both have piles of shorts, shirts and shoes… I think that is why we both get along so well… We are planners and we are packers! Always have to be prepared. But I struggle with looking cute and being comfy. My wonderful BF just had a ‘talk’ with me on this. Little did he know I was writing about it. {now I guess he does, since he tends to read this…}. This is the first vacation I’ve gone on with a male before for this long. Not even my ex-husband(s)… So I’m just wee bit nervous…. So far this week has been great! Just when I think we are about to hit a wall, fight, or get annoyed it just gets better. And he gets sweeter or there is something I find that I just love him more for…

Ok, enough of the mush stuff…

I’M GOING ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 days of sandy beach, water, swimsuits, sandals and sundress.. YES PLEASE! Then when you think it is going to be fabulous and couldn’t get any better we are coming through DC on our way home!!!! AHHHH! This girl is feeling pretty awesome right about now!

Work? Business?

Ok let’s be real… Some things have been suffering and I can’t help to think this is where it lacks… I spent a day working my biz plan. I couldn’t stand it as I wrote before. I feel as though I have been spinning my wheels. I’m reading a great biz book that I’ll be sharing more on later. We met with a WONDERFUL family and talked some biz since the hubby we talked to owns his own biz. He offered some intense insight. One word registered hard with me was confidence… more on that later… Today after I got back in from fishing I spent a bit on my site. That helped me feel productive… tomorrow I have a few ‘projects’ to knock out…

As I mentioned before I went fishing today with B’s dad. We had SO MUCH FUN! The little buggers bitting and we caught several… and your’s truly caught a bass. So many memories have already been made this week that are just priceless. I can’t wait what tomorrow will hold!

(once again I realize when I blog I tend to throw everything at you…. blogging more frequently will hopefully help with that…)

Night ;)

3am Wakeup Call

As you could see in my previous post I had a fab time with the most beautiful Danielle. We laughed we cried, we laughed some more… it was grand :). Saturday morning we woke up, went to the movies, did some vacation shopping and of course food! As we were wrapping up I had the bright idea that I would leave for my BF’s that night instead of waiting till Sunday after church… like he expected :).

After spending two hours in the car from my girlfriend’s place, I loaded up my car with pretty much my entire summer wardrobe; took care of the cat; and picked up apt and headed out. I hit the highway at 10pm… not too much after the ‘safety talk’ from the ‘rents…

As I stopped for gas I picked up my first 5 hour energy shot… WOW… See I’m already a hyper individual. It really doesn’t take much to get me hyped up… I. WAS. JUMPING. OFF. THE. WALL… Every song I was singing, dancing and yes acting out each song that I knew, well, heck, some I didn’t know… 5 hours went by quick. Usually I start getting sleepy right at the 4 hour mark…not this time! I didn’t stop once was another first for me. Normally I stop at least once to potty. Anyways, as I was getting closer I realized I had two options on how to wake up the BF. 1st was to use my key and go on in and wake him that way or I call him. In fear of getting slugged by accident I called him. He was so cute and it took him a few to realize what was going on. Ultimatley it was a success and he was thrilled to have me in early :)

After getting a few hours of sleep we were up and at em’… well he was, I was a bit sluggish but I did pull out a new number to wear…

We spent the day with family, grocery shopping, church and then watched a movie. Talk about a great first day!!

Today was a little different. As I have mentioned before I am a bit of a ‘clean freak’… I tackled his main floor… I was yelling at the vacuum as he walked in. LOL… he was so sweet. He kissed me, shook his head and then proceeded to dismantle the vacuum. Have a mentioned he is great :).

As today was day two of the lemon water challenge (I’ll post more about that later), B made dinner on the grill and it was oh so good and he juiced up a concoction that really ‘cleans ya out’. Bravo man, bravo…

As we end the night I’ll be reading more in my Entreleadership book… great day I must say, great day!


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