Christmas :: Countdown :: Penn State?

Sheesh… once again I’ve fallen off the blogging bandwagon!  I follow several awesome bloggers and I’m amazed how they keep up with posting everyday?!  And they even seem like they have pretty awesome lives… so why can’t I keep up with it?  Let’s Count the ways (ok these sound like excuses… I get it…)

1. Christmas!!  I can’t remember the last time I was excited to decorate.  I spent an entire day putting up the tree, setting Santa’s out and putting lights on anything and everything I could twist them around :) .

While on the topic I got these lovely little ornaments in the mail from Jenn over at Squishy Cheeks and Cupcakes.  Not only does she rock for having my name but seriously anyone with “cupcakes” in their title has to be awesome!   Thanks Jenn for the ornaments.  :)


2. Countdown… 91 days…. about to be 90 in t-minus 13 minutes….  Need I say more?


3. Visited Penn State for my first Division 1 football game.  It was their Senior night and what a game it was!  It was absolutely FREEZING but so worth it!


4. Work work work.  Seriously how do these other bloggers do it?  Over at Living in Yellow, Erin just launched a consulting add-on to her site…. I might have to check into that since she totally rocks the bloggin’ community.

That’s it for now!  Night ya’ll! :)



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