Gym time #sweatinforthedress

No I’m not preggo… that is not a baby bump. That is my body saying “screw you” this is how you look with an extra 10 lbs (could be more but I refuse to get on the scale till morning).

Side note: I did eat my weight in deliciousness this night… AND my fiance is incredibly handsome :) Eat your heart out ladies! Ha!

128 days

That is all I have left to get this booty in shape! Let’s push pause shall we… What the heck Thank you for the realization that we ONLY have 128 days let... And we resume… Tonight it begins! Heading it out to join a gym! Then to get busy tracking food, upping water, all that jazz again.

Let’s talk shall we? Or actually you sit there and read. Why is it so stinking hard to lose the weight when it is so easy to gain it? Furthermore, why is it when you get happy in a relationship you put on the poundage?

There is food for thought for the night… now wish me luck while I go sweat at the gym.

Later gators…

D.C. Top Picks

Hi there :)

To finish out the  Vacay pics thought I’d pick the top images that were my favs!

1. The Whitehouse.  I have to be honest, I love my country, but what’s up with the Whitehouse? I imagined it to be massive!  In person it wasn’t…

2. Washington Monument.  AMAZING.  It is quite breathtaking.  It is massive.  It is amazing being next to it, you can see Lincoln Memorial and the War World 2 Memorial.

3. War World 2 Memorial.  Another amazing spot!  You get chills as you walk through the pillars and read the famous quotes.

4.  Lincoln Memorial.  This place is crazy breathtaking.  You see this place on tv or online but pictures do not do it justice.

5. And of course… There are no words…


There you have it folks…  this vacay was one for the record books.  And the beautiful thing is there are plenty more to come!

Stubbornness is Not Always a Good Thing

You don’t mean to be.  You try really hard to give in.  But really?!  Do you have to fuss????


That is how it started.  Our first lil fight.  Sheesh.  Here is how it went down….


At some point early on in the week as I was frolicking in this beautiful scenery.  {When I say frolic… I mean it..}

Exhibit A. Crazy big waves.

When somehow I twisted my ankle.  It very well, could have been, when I attempted to use the boogie board to ride said waves into shore.  The BF yelled, “Hold the nose up” as I heard, “girggle girglee girggle”… I did not hold nose up.  I did however end up with my nose into the sandy beach.


OR… it could have been while we were walking the beach.  I have very weak ankles so who knows!


Anywhoooo.  I tried to be the ‘tough guy’ as you all know I am.  Did not mention any pain or the pretty colors forming up the inside of my ankle.  This went on for about 2 days when right as I was feeling a little better we went miniature golfing. Aren’t we cute on our a lil date night? :)

As we were enjoying some hard core golf.  As in, my BF kicking my booty and I started to complain about it :) When I decided walking through the rocks around the green is a good idea.  I lost my footing and rolled the hurt ankle.  I. NEARLY. CRIED.  Determined not to, I gently pulled my date to me and filled him in on my pain.

Oh boy…

I learned a very good lesson(s) within the next 24 hours.

A. There is no need to be the ‘tough guy’ in this relationship.  He is tough enough.

B. The BF can handle me.  (i.e. tell me to gently shut up and make me eat ice pops while my ankle is being iced.)

C. That I found someone who cares about me. And for me.

All in all.  It wasn’t really a nasty blow up.  It was just another turning point in our relationship. :)


Back to work… Jen


Ps. I sure did catch a great one :)

Mine :)

Oh Beaches

Got your attention didn’t I?  :)


Well literally.. ready to go back to the beach.  Just look at this!

And This

And Maybe this…

That reminds me we haven’t talked about vacay of 2012… THREE WORDS… READ TO RETURN! It started a little rocky.  We had to attend a meeting for my fiance (which wasn’t bad at all! )  We were put up in a nice hotel, he went to his meeting, I worked… it was great!  THEN it happened.  We were suppose to be in the car only 6ish hours. That turned into 10 hours… LITERALLY!  This was the longest (at the time) BF and I had been stuck in a car with each other.  Get this!  We survived!  Other than a minor, “I’m done talking to you.. Goodnight!” by yours truly.  I know ladies don’t judge.  But we made it.

The first night was a rainy one!  We unloaded and then celebrated with the rest of the gang… here is our house…

It was great!  The stairs became a real beast after my little incident.. At some point during the first few days I sprained my ankle.  It wasn’t bad just a good tweak.  Good enough it was swollen and pretty shades of green.  Good thing Dr. Sak came to the rescue.

This pic was taken after I was gently forced against my will to lay down and prop it up… Stay tuned for our first “real fight”…


Fear this!

Fear of screwing up.

Fear of letting someone down.

Fear of losing a friend. 

Fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

Fear of what will happen.

Fear of failing. 




When did fear creep in?  When did I “Ok” it to take over me?  Well I’m over it!  This wasn’t me.  This IS NOT going to be me now.  I refuse to believe that this is ok.  Let’s face it, we all screw up, right?  We all will fail at some point or another.  So why worry??  Beats me!!  But I do!

I came across this verse that I hear so often but never took the time to look up. 2 Timothy chapter 1 verse 7, For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  There you have it folks… the good Book just confirmed it.

I have way too many things going on to be in a bondage by fear.  I keep coming back to this thought and I’m ready to act on it.  I have obviously hit bottom a few times in my 27 years.  Financially, in relationships, working… you name it.  Just read earlier posts.  I haven’t always got it right.  Shoot, very few times has it been right! :)  Writing this today I feel so consumed with His love I couldn’t help to share what I’ve been struggling with.

Whew… who feels better?  :)  oh oh pick me!



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