* Apologies *

Yikes!  It has been 8 days since my last post!  I am SO sorry!  Last week I spent an amazing time in Duck, NC.  Nothing but sandy beaches and the luv of my life next to me.  It really was amazing!  Saturday we stayed over in Washington, D.C. …. Another AMAZING experience!  I have so many pictures and so much to discuss but now I’m getting caught up.  There is so much to do this week!  And so much planning to be done!  I’ll start with this little pic…..

5:30am and waiting on the sunrise in Duck, NC

And a list of things to come:

1. I’m rolling out a new look for this here blog…

2. I’m going Viral!!

3. I’m moving… EEK!

4. Tons and Tons of pictures!

5. Daily posts!


That is right we are taking this thing to the next level so stick around :)

As we drive

Sitting in the car for going on 3 hours and this girl is getting antsy. That means time to DO SOMETHING! I'm not exactly sure where we are at someplace pass Washington DC into Virginia on 95 headed south. I must say I'm super excited!! Unfortunately I have a few dilemmas…

Dilemma #1: (Forgive my bluntness…) Why is it so freaking hard to go to the bathroom in public?? I'm sorry but let's be real! How often for us women do we get a lil 'shy' to have to do this?? There is a rest stop coming up and I'm afraid I'm going to have to force myself to do this… Can we all join in with me and say UGH!!!!!!

Dilemma #2: When dramamine says 'less drowsy' don't believe it… I could just close my eyes and drift away! But I refuse because I want to be productive. I even {be right back and wish me luck… we are stopping..} {nope nada…} left my computer up front with me so I could work on my business and new blog theme.

Dilemma #3: We are out of beef jerky. Yes, it is horrible! I do have a coupon for the next time we stop for a $1 off. Maybe I can convince the BF to stop after Richmond.

Dilemma #4: I have the hiccups. Sheesh, I really have the hiccups. As B tries to scare me out of them nope it isn't happening.

Well that is all for now I guess I will do something else… like read..


Pics Pics and more Pics

Since I have been using my Ipad to blog I have not been able to post pictures as well as I do when working from my computer.  Sooooo that means I have several to share…


Fishing with the BF’s dad at this pretty lake!


Just call me “master… master fisherman” :) This is one of several bluegills we caught. Along with a pretty lil bass….


This is the Egyptian dish the BF’s parents made called Mohea… it’s delicious but deadly afterwards (yea use your imagination here :) ). Very good and very garlicky!





And we are off!! Just a 3 hour drive for the first night.. then Saturday the 7 hour trek…


All for now… time to pick up B! :)  Catch ya in NC!

TGIF – Day 1

That’s right it’s Friday!!! Starting off the weekend in which is the start of our vacation… Excuse me, I repeat VACATION :) Anyone else excited??? Oh OH pick me!!! Currently sitting in a hotel room. We have completed our first leg of the trip. Next up tomorrow we will be in the car 7-8 hours depending on how many detours I get us in. :) I keep tell him its adventure to date me… now he knows :)

Today was pretty hectic! Why is it when you get ready for vacation there is a million and one things to do? I was able to get us packed and ready (for the most part) by the time the BF got done with work. Even managed to get a few projects done myself. There will be pictures posted in the AM… currently working off the IPad and it only gives me before or after the content to post my pictures. That is just too boring for me… we got to jazz them up!

If I could only convince the BF that we need to go get some food. I finished up some spanish rice that was in the fridge while he finished off some muhea. Not sure what muhea is? OH it’s a real treat. His parents made it for us last night. I was the rookie trying muhea. It is an authentic Egyptian dish. It has chicken and rice and this green stuff in the broth that kinda looks like weed. But it isn’t. I asked. They said it’s not. But it was real good. The problem is with this dish is that it is really garlicky (side note: had no idea garlicky was an actual word! Amazing what you learn blogging! Ha!) SOOOOo right after you eat it when you burp ohhh it is a very distinguished garlicky smell. Guess who had left over muhea before we started on the road? Oh yea.. the BF… and WHEW did he reek of it. (Sorry hon, I must be truthful). Sooo did I mention I was hungry? Yup, about to bug the BF that we need cheese sticks… maybe taco bell… Have a great night ya’ll!!

Twas the night before…

Oh dear Lord is packing stressful. We head out tomorrow and will not be be back till the following Sunday. I’m not sure who is winning the “I packed the most” trophy because we both have piles of shorts, shirts and shoes… I think that is why we both get along so well… We are planners and we are packers! Always have to be prepared. But I struggle with looking cute and being comfy. My wonderful BF just had a ‘talk’ with me on this. Little did he know I was writing about it. {now I guess he does, since he tends to read this…}. This is the first vacation I’ve gone on with a male before for this long. Not even my ex-husband(s)… So I’m just wee bit nervous…. So far this week has been great! Just when I think we are about to hit a wall, fight, or get annoyed it just gets better. And he gets sweeter or there is something I find that I just love him more for…

Ok, enough of the mush stuff…

I’M GOING ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 days of sandy beach, water, swimsuits, sandals and sundress.. YES PLEASE! Then when you think it is going to be fabulous and couldn’t get any better we are coming through DC on our way home!!!! AHHHH! This girl is feeling pretty awesome right about now!

Work? Business?

Ok let’s be real… Some things have been suffering and I can’t help to think this is where it lacks… I spent a day working my biz plan. I couldn’t stand it as I wrote before. I feel as though I have been spinning my wheels. I’m reading a great biz book that I’ll be sharing more on later. We met with a WONDERFUL family and talked some biz since the hubby we talked to owns his own biz. He offered some intense insight. One word registered hard with me was confidence… more on that later… Today after I got back in from fishing I spent a bit on my site. That helped me feel productive… tomorrow I have a few ‘projects’ to knock out…

As I mentioned before I went fishing today with B’s dad. We had SO MUCH FUN! The little buggers bitting and we caught several… and your’s truly caught a bass. So many memories have already been made this week that are just priceless. I can’t wait what tomorrow will hold!

(once again I realize when I blog I tend to throw everything at you…. blogging more frequently will hopefully help with that…)

Night ;)


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