Must do!

Sheesh! I’ve been up (a few hours) and I seriously need to catch up on homework! From my earlier posts the Toodledo app is AMAZING! I highly reccommend it! It has really allowd me to take my energy off of keeping up on what I have to do and focusing on the actual task. It’s been a really productive week!

But I’m faced with, I slept in, which NEVER happens and it’s nearly 3pm. I’m stuck sitting here working on my personal blog. I love the content but not sold on the theme. I’m thinking of going to hot pink instead of red. I love hot pink!! I’m not fond of the functionality of the site. I could spend hours working on this thing! BUT HOMEWORK is a must do!

Today & Tomorrow I have to do:
Week 3
Due: 1-7-3: Business Organization Analysis—Mission/Vision/Goals
Due: 1-8-3: Management Development—Module 3 Assessments and Reflection
Due: 3-2: Change Management

Week 2
Due: 1-8-2: Management Development—Module 2 Assessments and Reflection
Due: 2-1: Decision Making Process

Week 1
Due: 1-4: Ethics
Due: 1-5: Social Responsibility
Due: 1-8: Management Development – -
Due: 1-8-1: Management Development—Module 1 Assessments and Reflection

Yes, it does seem like a lot.  I’m behind and it ticks me off to be frank with you.  I guess I should get going…



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