Too often I struggle with trying to do to many things all at once.  Then I get overwhelmed and am not as productive.  Today is the day I start #gettingthingsdone.  I have a list of things to do and I struggle with keeping up on those because I try to keep a list and I’m trying to go completely paperless.  Between my laptop, iPad, and iPhone I tend to put more energy into keeping up on the process then really using my process.

On Monday, my boss must have noticed I was frustrated.  This is my third week into taking a business class online and I feel three weeks behind.  He asked me, “Why”.  I did not have any good excuses.  He told me “do what you don’t know

want to do first that is on your to do list” and “whatever matters to you or is a priority do that first”.  He also said “schedule your day”.  ”Plan to plan”.  THESE ARE ALL THINGS I KNOW!  So why haven’t I done them?

I’ve gotten so caught up in being so “organized” but really, honestly.. I’m a hott mess right now!  So today, I’m pulling up an app on the iPad that I’ve been reccommended and I’ll be entering in my to do and projects.  It’s 8am, I’ve been up for an hour waisting time on trying to figure on where to start.  Right now, I’m doing something about all this!  Here is my plan:

1. Clean off my desk so no clutter distractions.

2. Downloading Toodle to my PC and enter current projects

3. Schedule day using Toodle and my calendar

4. Check work emails and respond.

5. Homework (its priority)

6. Work

I’ll let you know how it goes…



Getting Started

It’s taken me about a month to get started with this blog and as you can see a long ways to go!  I should be working on homework, a few designs for a brochure and my business, but I’ve had this nagging thought in the back of my head… “blog”.  So I stopped reading my text book and got busy.

Now that I’m staring at my monitor, no words are forming!  So let’s talk about why I’m doing this little blog.  I love food, coffee and Jesus Christ, so naturally “Eat Love Pray and Coffee” was my first choice. Just so happens the domain was free!  I wanted to write about my life: victories, trials, things that make me happy, my experiences and so on.  But why is it when you sit down to write it just vanishes?

For now this is all.  But it is a start! :)



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